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Securely, the free file shredder for your PC      

Secure your privacy by permanently deleting files & never leave a trace.          
For Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8
Select files or folders
Drag and drop sensitive data
Deleted forever!
Securely lets you take control of the information you don't want anyone else to get their hands on by permanently removing the files and all of their digital hidden copies Windows never really deletes.
Permanently remove sensitive information
Permanently remove any sensitive digital information from your computer such as Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint files, music files, videos, photos and more. From text files to full programs, Securely completely erases all traces of data.
Better than military-grade shredding
Supports the Department of Defence (DoD) shredding algorithm along with various other algorithms including Schneier's method, the Gutmann Method and our super secure paranoid method.
Prevent errors, freezes and crashes
Easy to use - drag and drop easy
Securely is so easy to use. Either drag and drop and files and folders right into Securely or select them in mass. And one click is all it takes to wipe them completely.
One-click shredding of deleted files
Think the files in your recycle been are really being deleted? Well think again! With Securely, files you add to your recycle bin will be fully shredded with the simple click of a button. Tell Securely to empty your trash and those files will be gone forever, completely unrecoverable.

Why do you need a File Shredder?

Windows does not physically remove deleted files from your hard disk. Emptying your Recycle Bin does NOT protect you at all. Your sensitive files can be recovered, even after you format your hard disk! When you delete a file from Windows, the OS just marks the file as deleted in the file allocation table, but the data of the file is still on your hard disk. There are many tools available which can let others easily recover your sensitive files even after you format your hard disk.
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What is a file shredder?
You know you should shred sensitive documents in a paper shredder to protect yourself against data and identity theft. The same is true for data on your PC. Information you erase by formatting your hard drive, or by using your computer's "delete" key is still easily recoverable.
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